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Excrement of every sort belongs in the soil, not the drinking water: not rivers or lakes or multimillion dollar sewage treatment plants. Animal ( human ) excrement and self produced biomas are the food stuffs of plants and insects. Plants and insects are the food stuff of animals. Simple really.

Sewage doesn’t belong in reeking ditches waiting for the rainy season to carry it to the nearest drinking water and industrial treatment plants aren’t necessary. Sunshine ( radiation and heat ) will do most for free of what costly industry recommends. Soil bacteria and grass will finish the job.

Conveyance is not complex or even difficult. Biosolid application methods and design factors

Thankfully, the worlds deserts are suitably large enough to turn all of the worlds sewage into grass land at a rate of one acre per truck load. 7 billion humans = 7 – 14 billion pounds of fertilizer each day. Big water and grass land in Africa



Written by aedh

February 19, 2008 at 7:29 pm

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