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Plant respiration= evaporation cooling

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Plant respiration = evaporation cooling.

Evaporation cooling = moist southern air moving north.


Water flows down hill… in ancient river beds under the sand.

Nut shell


Big Water and Grass

Big Picture

Data from the Soil Conservation Research project at McCredie during the summer drought of 1953 showed the corn crop exhausting the soil moisture to a depth of 3.5 feet under the fertilized soils. The equivalent of only 1.04 inches of water was left in that entire depth. Where the soil was not fertilized, the crop dried out the soil to a lesser depth. It left the equivalent of 4.5 inches of water in the upper 3.5 feet.
On the unfertilized corn, which took 14 inches of water from the soil, the yield was only 18 bushels per acre. It required 26,000 gallons of water to make a bushel of corn. On the fertilized soil with a
yield of 79 bushels, only 5,600 gallons of water per bushel were required.

The drought was a case of plant hunger rather than thirst.

Or simply, 4 times the crop yeild with one fifth the amount of water on fertile soil.

Biosolids and grass seed: more crop less water.


Over grazing = desert

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Grass and Biosolid – We may want to consider the possibility that converting savanna grass lands to desert over the past 6,000 years of agricultural empire building is responsible for climate change effects rather than the reverse view that climate change causes deserts.

Big Water and Grass – Africa

Vast Sahara aquifers

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An international team worked on the verge of the Sahara to gather data on the ground and in the air, to be compared with imagery of the same region acquired by ESA satellites. The results will be used in support of an ambitious project to apply satellite remote sensing to improve monitoring and management of vast water aquifers concealed beneath the desert.

Big Water Africa


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Unhappy nomadic herders are happier with grass land and large healthy herds.

What it looks like.

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The difference in productivity of biosolid treated land and non treated side by side. BIG WATER AFRICA






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The Saharan capacity, about 5 million square miles, for storing soil nutrients is foreseeably not limited and restoration of former Savanna by various groups in several Saharan countries, and elsewhere, have thus far made only small gains in what appears for them to be an intractable problem. Spending billions on “nature mimicking” sewage treatment plants while depriving soil and grass land of nutrients is just plain silly.


Sustainability baffle gab

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I’ve spent the last few weeks surfing the “sustainability web” and with some uneasiness have discovered the word “sustainability” has not lost it’s meaning, but rather means something different to everyone who uses it. The word is greatly bandied about in design circles of every orbit and it is perhaps naive of me to assume that the world wide conversation on this topic was focused on the sustainability of life here on the only planet known to have any and by every standard of value measure ever devised or conceived of, the most valuable thing in the universe. So, when I discovered the focus of many sustainability conversations was in fact on self sustainability of various non living systems, organizations and professional relationships. I began, with a slightly vague feeling of despair, to look for the missing descriptors in the conversation . <!–more–>